25 Apr, 2024

Top Super Mario Party Supplies for Maximum Fun!

Throwing a party for your Super Mario fan doesn’t have to be as complex as navigating the treacherous lava levels in Bowser’s castle. With the right party supplies and a dash of creativity, your little one’s day can be filled with as much fun and adventure as a classic Nintendo game. Here’s how to transform your party into a Super Mario wonderland.

Mario, Luigi, and Friends Party Decorations

The aesthetic of your party will set the tone for the entire celebration, and this starts by choosing a colour scheme that reflects Mario’s bright and lively world. Red, blue, and yellow make a great primary palette, with plenty of green to represent the game’s lush landscapes.

  • Banners are a must, and phrases like “It’s-a Party Time!” and “Welcome to Our Castle!” will create an exciting vibe.
  • Scene-setters can help you deck out an entire wall with an on-theme scene, complete with your favourite characters and iconic elements like question blocks and power stars.
  • Character shaped balloon bouquets would be an eye-catching addition too.

Remember, layering decorations like streamers, balloons, and cutouts can really make the room pop, so let your imagination run wild!

Mario Kart Racing Game

On your marks, get set, GO! Challenge the party-goers to a Mario Kart race with some fun and easy DIY ideas:

  • Use black construction paper or tape to create a track on the floor. Place different obstacles such as toy cars or plastic cones for added challenge.
  • Provide small cardboard boxes, markers, stickers, glue and let the little racers create their own Mario Kart vehicles and race them against each other.
  • Create a prize for the winner, like a toy Mario figurine or a mini trophy, to make it feel like a real race.

Don’t forget to have some banana peels (yellow balloons) scattered along the track – just like in the game!

Super Mario Party Invitations

Inject a bit of fun and anticipation before the party even begins with themed invitations to get guests excited. You can download templates and print some invitations at home or purchase pre-made Mario-themed invitation cards along with the rest of your Super Mario party supplies.

Character Costumes

What’s a Super Mario party without the characters themselves? Whether your little person wants to be dressed as Mario or Luigi, or your princess is ready to don a pink dress, character costumes add an extra level of fun to the event. Masks, stick on moustaches and character hats are just some of the fun items available to get everyone in the Mario mood!

Themed Tableware

Details matter, so don’t overlook the impact that themed tableware can create. Mario and his friends can grace every aspect of your table setup, from plates and cups to napkins and tablecloths.

  • Eco-friendly options can even minimise the environmental impact while you maximise your fun.
  • Centrepieces in the shape of Mario Towers or Mushroom Kingdom castles can tie everything together.
  • Character place cards can save a space at the table for each child with their favourite’s face.

Super Mario Party Games

Once the party’s started, keep the momentum going with activities to entertain the guests

  • Pin the Moustache on Mario: A twist on the classic game, perfect for younger guests.
  • Scavenger Hunts: Hide items like gold coins or stars for the kids to find.
  • Musical Mushrooms: Like musical chairs, but with colourful mushroom seats.
  • Memory Games: Test every partygoer’s ability to remember the order of characters, power-ups, or levels.

These activities provide guests with heaps of entertainment but can also support concentration, memory, and quick thinking skills—just like the game itself.

Mario-themed Treats

Food is a critical component of any party, and it’s doubly important when you’ve got a group of hungry youngsters to feed!

  • Question-mark Cookies: Decorate sugar cookies with the iconic question mark found in the game.
  • 1-Up Mushrooms (Strawberries): Dip strawberries in white chocolate and frost them with green sprinkles to mimic the game’s tasty, life-saving treat.
  • Gold Coin Chocolates: Use golden foil to wrap chocolate coins for a tasty tribute to the game’s currency.
  • “Bowser Burgers”: No need to incorporate actual turtle meat; just give regular burgers a ferocious name.
  • Yoshi Egg Cake Pops: Use cake pops to create cute Yoshi eggs that guests can devour.

Super Mario Party Favours

Don’t let the fun end when the last game is over. Send guests home with items that will remind them of the wonderful party they just experienced.

  • Keychains featuring their favourite characters will be a hit, and a useful addition to backpacks.
  • Stickers or plastic trophies can be a simple yet fun way to celebrate the day.
  • Temporary Tattoos will give kids the chance to show off their Mario pride for a few days after the party.

Photo Booth with Mario Props

A photo booth is a guaranteed way to create lasting memories. Include a variety of props, from character faces to themed toys and accessories, ensuring every guest gets a take-home photo to remember the party.

Super Mario-themed Piñata

A party staple that never fails to bring fun and laughter is a piñata, and a Mario-themed one doubles as both a decoration and an activity. Shape wise, a Power Star or a giant moustache would be fitting for this occasion. Fill it with coins, candies and small Mario-themed trinkets for an exciting challenge.


With all these ideas brought together, your Super Mario-themed party is certain to be a hit. Catering to the super cart fantasies of your little one will make the day truly special and a party they’ll keep memories of for years to come. Of course, remember to capture all the moments of fun as everyone gets into the spirit of the Mushroom Kingdom. For all your Super Mario party supplies, visit Character Parties and they’ll make sure your celebration is a grand, star-studded success!