13 Sep, 2023

Come on Barbie Let’s go Birthday Party! | How To Throw the Best Barbie Themed Birthday Party Ever…

Is your little one (or you) a Barbie enthusiast? Are you ready to host the pink birthday extravaganza of their *cough* your *cough* dreams?

Get ready to dive into the absolutely fabulous world of Barbie and discover how to throw the ultimate Barbie-themed party that will leave your child *wink wink* and their friends shouting “Hi Barbie!” all day! 

Yes, It’s time to get excited. 

Here at Character Parties, we’ve got all the tips and ideas you need to pack this celebration with metallic barbie-tastic fun. So sit comfy in your “Dream House” and let us help you get things in order! (cue internal screaming)




“Hi Barbie”: Party Invitations with Style!

Start the excitement with eye-catching Barbie invitations. Whether you go for classic Barbie style or opt for a more modern look (rainbows count as modern in Barbie land btw) make sure the invitations shout “Hi Barbie!”

Include all the event details and encourage guests to bring their favourite PINK accessories! 


Prince Charm – ing Party Decor… wait… 

Anything metallic and “Barbie girl” pink are your best friends when it comes to decorating! Think princess and glam it up with shimmering tableclothsBarbie birthday party balloons, sparkling banners, and Ken-tastic centerpieces! (that’s the guy!)  We’ve got everything you need at Character Parties to make your Dream House look like the real deal. (Permission to keep the decorations up indefinitely granted)


Dress to impress: Hot pink and Metallic fun!

To make the party truly Barbie-tastic, ask your child and their friends to come dressed as their favorite characters! Whether it’s Mermaid Barbie, Dr Barbie, Ken, or even a Barbie pet, everyone can get in on the fun!

Of course mums and dads are invited to dress up too! (enough with internal screaming now… actually, here come the activities… ahhhhh!)


Barbie-tastic Activities: “Barbie girl” Fun and Games

Of course, no party is complete without activities and, of course, Barbie can do anything! Here are some Barbie-themed activities to keep your Barbie girls and boys engaged! *fist pump*


Let’s go party! Barbie Karaoke and Dance Floor

What a better way to feel like you’re “in a Barbie World” than having your very own karaoke station? Prepare a list of Barbie movie songs and let the little superstars shine! 

Of course, there’s no karaoke without some dancing! Don’t forget your very own foil disco ball to set the mood! (I know, I know, it’s the party of dreams)


Barbie Fashion Show

Host a mini fashion show where your fashionistas can strut their stuff in their outfits! Make it even more exciting by having a panel of judges (you go glen coco) and award prizes for different categories like “Most Glamorous,” “Most Creative Catwalk,” and “Best Barbie Lookalike!” (Just imagine how cute it will be…)


Capture the Moments: Barbie Photo Booth

Create lasting memories with a Barbie photo booth. Stay on theme with Barbie pink decor and have your guests pick their perfect photo prop … a feather boa, tiara, or oversized sunglasses! (90’s babies rejoice) Let your guests unleash their inner supermodels, and take home memories that will last a lifetime! 


Barbie Movie Marathon

After all that dancing and singing, they’ll *cough* you’ll *cough* be sure to enjoy relaxing in their own Barbie “Dream House” Corner! Set up a Barbie movie marathon area with comfy pillows and blankets!

It’s also a great space to have set up for when your guests arrive and for when they’re waiting to be picked up at the end of the most fantastic day! (you may also keep this a permanent feature, you’re welcome)

Of course, with any movie there should be snacks…


Delicious Delights: Barbie Doll Food and Cake

No Barbie party would be complete without delicious treats and a fabulous cake! 


Barbie Dreamhouse Cake

The cake is the centerpiece of the celebration, and a Barbie Dream House cake with a stunning Barbie cake topper is sure to steal the show. And don’t forget some fabulous Barbie plates and tableware!


Barbie Snack Buffet

Set up a snack buffet with Barbie-themed treats such as pink popcorn, strawberry cup cakes, and sugar cookies shaped like Barbie accessories. Don’t forget to include edible confetti to add a touch of magic! 


The Grand Finale: Barbie’s World

As the festivities wind down, gather all the little Barbie enthusiasts for a grand finale. Thank everyone for coming, and announce the winners of any games or contests “Best Fashion Doll Catwalk Award”, “Fabulous Pink Girl Prize”, and present Barbie-themed gifts! Your child and their friends (and you) will talk about this birthday extravaganza for years to come!


Party favors Fit for a Barbie Princess! 

Oh and don’t forget to finish in true Barbie hostess-to-the-mostest style by sending your young guests home with the best party favors ever. Fill goodie boxes and party bags with Barbie stickers and fabulous accessories. Don’t forget to include a thank-you note expressing your appreciation for their wonderful company and charm! 

So, are you ready to embark on a Barbie adventure? (I know you are) x


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