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24 Mar, 2020

Celebrating @ Home

Over the last few years, birthday parties have almost become a competition as to who can have the biggest and best. If the current situation has any redeeming feature, it’s that it’s removed this latent competition, and has heralded a return to a simpler time, full of family and love.

If your child is celebrating a birthday, or if you are planning a gender reveal, this could stymie your plans for the next few months. And while we know that it’s going to be a difficult time for all, it’s really important that we keep things as business as usual for you, and your kids. 

And this means, celebrating!

Just because things are different for a little while, doesn’t mean that we have to miss out on the good things in life. Quite the contrary – we need to hold them closer. And we are here, ready with good old fashioned party supplies to make your birthday parties a true celebration.

The KISS principle: Keep it simple, sweetie!

Kids birthday parties needn’t be stressful or hard work, and sometimes the simpler the celebration the better it is. Kids love being the centre of attention and spending time with their families. If you’ve had to cancel or postpone a party, it doesn’t mean that their birthday is cancelled. Here are some fun ways to have a party at home.

It’s all about the cake!

I learned this very important birthday fact many years ago when I was picking up my daughter from a McDonald’s Birthday party. I had struggled my way through Sydney traffic to a McDonalds that I didn’t know, and I arrived a few minutes early.

As soon as she saw me, her face lit up and she said “YAY! You got here in time for cake! We can’t leave before the cake.”

So, we say, let them eat cake! BUT let them help make it too! See the bottom of this article for our favourite simple kid friendly birthday cake recipes, and when you add one of our Licensed Edible Cake Toppers to the cooled cake? It’s simply Birthday Cake Perfection. A twist on a home made favourite!

And adding a few touches of colour!

Now, you simply need to add the matching party favours and you have an amazing party for two, or three, or four.


Simply add candles, an offkey rendition of Happy Birthday. (You do look like a monkey and smell like one too!) and you have a birthday to remember!

Don’t stress, we have you covered

We are a family owned business and we get what a stressful time it is right now, and with so many of us tightening our belts, right now you can save


What are you waiting for – organising a birthday party at home is as easy as a mouse click!